Jack was basically a man of the people with a deep concern for human suffering.
Controversially he could also identify with big business and individual effort which he thought was killed by excessive taxation and regulation which is typical for sclerotic states regardless of their basic politico-economic base mechanisms.

Jack believed that competition was the root of all progress.

He was convinced that extreme hyper-parasite bureaucracies where the end stations of state systems regardless of their ideologies. In the end such a development would benefit no one.

Since in democracies the instrument of state is the property of the people he believed that it was the duty of every citizen to try and protect his state from such a fate.

He felt that citizens should be constantly on the alert for individuals or groups inside states attempting to seize power by covertly taking possession of state institutions for their own benefit rather then for the good of all.
Once malignant predators succeed in acquiring state domination their next step will inevitably be to use the state to acquire other states.
This will inevitably lead to war.

Ultimately the dormant citizen that allows such a development will pay with his blood and the blood of his loved ones as the earth is soaked with it on the battlefields and scourged cities of the planet.

One problem of the electronic era is that computers and the media have developed in such a way that it is absolutely impossible for citizens to obtain even the slightest insight in the relevant reality once these systems are dominated by malignant predators.

Thus an extremely limited number of individuals could use their nations to wager war against each other for the personal gain of these happy few and it would be impossible for the people of these nations to understand what was going on or who was right and who was wrong.

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