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The lines :

261 More : Mountain boy meets Wunderkind ...


refer to the last pages in our First HARDCOPY Beta-version .

261 More : Mountain boy meets Wunderkind ...

Refers to the last pages, with the very last page containing a picture of the Mountain Boy.

I L B means Intentionally Left Blanc.

In the last pages we try to realise a smooth transition to the FIRST HARDCOPY PRINTING .

The difference between the First HARDCOPY Beta-version and the FIRST HARDCOPY PRINTING is that in the First HARDCOPY Beta-version -within reasonable limits- changes may still be made , e.g. depending on significant imputes we receive . It would still be a First HARDCOPY Beta-version (but with a different date).

In the FIRST HARDCOPY PRINTING changes can not be made . Many of our (selected) recent essays may be incorporated in our FIRST HARDCOPY PRINTING .

They could e.g. include texts on the carrier wave mode + related texts (e.g. our Bergen Belsen files with follow-ups) .

We may elaborate on the above depending on imputes we receive ,
Hoping to have served you all ,

unicornvortex, jpk&jas

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