In the year of our Lord 1929, three boys, eight, twelve and thirteen years old, growing up in different parts of the world, were subjected to the most terrible experiences of their lives.
Like millions of other children, they lived in a time without hope, without future, without knowing the meaning of the word joy. World economy was irreversibly deteriorating, foreboding, inevitable heading towards terrible disaster. In countries the world over, more men were unemployed then ever in the history of the race. There was no hope of improvement. Men of all ranks and ages saw their life´s work destroyed within days without prospect of ever regaining prosperity. The young. more then any, broke adrift. Their lives only beginning, they had no vision of a future worth living for. Most were without prospect of work, let alone employment with a promise of progress that would at any time ensure a level of happiness with which they could identify.
Sexual morals had deteriorated to depths found only in fully disintegrated civilizations of the past. Honest men, many of them specialized in their work of a cultural standing matured over generations, were forced to steal in order to care for their children. Anarchism and organized crime, popular uprising and revolution erupted in countries the world over as ordinary people increasingly faced with the unbearable, turned into aggressive mobs left with no other means to express their despair.
On this terrible breeding ground human nature gradually changed fundamentally. In the disintegrating civilization old norms of conduct became a luxury few could afford.
Those unwilling to abandon deep rooted pillars of conscience lost their influence to the ruthless and among the ruthless only the meanest obtained power and became the new leaders. Like always, the established mediocrity, keen only on maintaining at least what had already been acquired, submitted passively to changing norms. The young, reaching adulthood in those years, developed personalities different from anything humanity had ever known on a large scale. It was on the vigor of this new breed of adolescents that those floating on top of the sewer, cunningly built there empires, governed by new principles of good and evil, which were valid in their times. However, such is the law of nature, that any system maintaining its integrity by virtue of mechanisms not basically correcting the roots of its instability, will eventually decompensate. And so it was that the process of disintegration human civilization, apparently postponed, was finally completed in one single year in which more human beings succumbed than in any other comparable time span in the history of the race.
It would not be just to say that those three young boys belonged to the lowest of the low. But they had at least one thing in common. At the beginning of the end, they belonged to the poorest of the poor in their prospects for life. Parentless and without means in a jungle demanding the utmost of the privileged, they grew. Creatures of a different breed. And they survived. Until the heights of the most terrible holocaust known to men.
It was then that they met.

Hoping to serve you all,
unicornvortex, jpk&jas