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One aspect of CV’s could be to get a (general) impression about the person involved .
Specialists of course have their own arena’s concerning criteria for this .
The links below may give you a glimpse .
We will limit ourselves to proposing two significant factors :
period in life and intensity of experience .
Generally speaking early experiences may have a greater influence
because they may influence (even slightly) later occurrences in a cumulative mode .
In the text below we have included links in an effort to define periods
(eg. like childhood ... adolescence ... -etc.-)
and intensity of experience (like total War) ,
not to make it any easier, but to illustrate
the complexity and limitations of the use of words .

Relevant links :
Variations in defining periods in life .
Influence of early experiences in life .

1. Early childhood . Prince in Nederlands Indië . First ocean voyages -JAGERSFONTIJN (growing up in Australia(learning to ride on horseback up! up! up! ) and New Zealand (meeting the Maori`s) -
NEXT : Bette Davis her "little boy blue" (MS MONTEREY) to
Hawaii (learning to serve ride (will you give me a ride . . .) - NEXT : GROWING UP IN AMERICA SANTA CRUZ SAN FRANCISCO SIERRA NEVADA learning to ski with uncle Herstle .
NEXT : BACK ON SS WANGANELLA (IN "FULL BLINDS" WW II HAD BEGUN !)-More or less straight into the concentration camps !
2. Middle childhood: some four years in the concentration camps .
3. Later childhood : steering HMS VENERABLE across the Indian ocean to Colombo . . . for Kandy ex-pow camp .
II .
MS WILLEM RUIS From colombo via Red Sea (and Attaca in Egypt ( to ROTTERDAM .... to Wassenaar de Kieviet (Kieviet school)
Rijnlands lyceum (early acting career) . Back to Egypt (Cairo on foot , including crossing desert) .
MILITARY < Officer Training School - Air Force Pilot Training - CIVIL - London School of Air Navigation for Commercial Pilots Licence - First officer with BOAC Associated Companies in Middle East - Captain on commercial Charters . USMC Beirut airport July 1958 Novels (e.g. Spy for NATO) .
More or less simultaneously preparing for University Degree Psychology-experimetal neuropsychologist (resulting in more or less doing both professions together (with more and more emphasis on scientific work also including deep-sea undersea research (
high pressure nitrogen intoxication , undersea laboratories and parachute jumping) .
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See Favored Files (FF) at the bottom of this page .
VI .
See Favored Files (FF) at the bottom of this page .
Book marked Speeches . Book marked Essays addresses (to City councils etc.) Books (e.g. European Constitution in Global Perspective ... an Exercise in Cybernetics (on-line mode)  .
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IX .

Favored Files (FF) at the bottom of this page : USMC Beirut airport July 1958 - Publications : Novels (e.g. Spy for NATO) and Books (e.g. European Constitution in Global Perspective ... an Exercise in Cybernetics (on-line mode) . Scientific Publications: (see lists s.v.p.) . Public addresses (to City councils etc.) - Book marked Speeches . Book marked Essays . Haylitt Retief . Haylittsweb .
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Haylitt Retief  (penname of JPK).
Introduction to his book (publisher note)
"Die Kehlstein Verschwörung" (The Kehlstein Conspiracy) 1993

Haylitt Retief wurde 1934 geboren und wuchs in Asien, Amerika und Australien auf. Wahrend des Zweiten Weltkrieges war er über drei Jahre in einem Japanischen Lager auf Indonesien interniert. Nach dem Krieg machte er sein Abitur in Holland und wurde anschliesend als Pilot in England ausgebildet. Er war mehrere Jahre im Nahen Osten tätig und studierte danach Nueropsysiologie mit der Spezialisierung auf zerebrale Elektrophysiologie. Er arbeitet heute in der Forschung auf diesem gebiet. Als Autor trat er in den sechziger Jarhen mit dem in Holland erscienenen Erlebnis bericht Spion voor NATO an die Offentlichkeit. Mit Die Kehlstein Verschwörung wird Retief zum ertsen mal in Deutschland vorgestellt.
Translated from German :
Haylitt Retief (penname jpk) 1934 was born and grew up in Asia, United States and Australia . During the Second World War he was held more then 3 years in a Japanese concentration Camps in Indonesia. After the war he finished school in The Netherlands and then was trained as a airlinepilot in England. He spent several years flying in The Middle East and studied after return Neuropsychology specializing in Cerebral electrophysiology.
He presently works as scientific researcher in this area. As writer published in the sixties in The Netherlands his first autobiographical book "Spion voor NATO" (Spy for NATO). With his book "Die Kehlstein Verschwörung" (The Kehlstein Conspiracy) he was introduced for the first time in Germany.

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