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As the song went on , the silence in the hall became absolute .
People where holding their breath and watched the beautiful boy in complete fascination .
The crystal clear voice seemed to detach itself from the child , acquiring an entity of its own as it floated in the large hall over the heads of the awe-struck parents .

When the final lines were sung with professional ease and complete , serene self-control the audience trembled with an emotion impossible to control .

Seid umschlungen , Millionen !
Diesen Kuss der ganzen Welt !
Alle Menschen werden Bruder .
Wo dein sanfter Flügel weilt !

That night Frau Martha Räder spent longer then usual kneeling at her son’s bed as they said prayers together with bowed heads .
She hugged him and held him in her arms before she tugged him between the crisp , white sheets .

Later that evening Pauli’s parents were looking at the letter from the director of the Wiener Sänger Knaben .
"Oh Paul , wouldn’t it be nice if he became a famous singer. . . ?" Martha whispered .
"Nonsense !" Dr. Räder said curtly. "The boy is going to be a Doctor, like I am and like his grandfather !"

Unfortunately Doctor Räder’s family was killed in a car accident and the tender boy was orphaned at the age of twelve .

BELSEN 1929 .

In the village of BELSEN at that time Werner looked tenderly at the baby boy he was holding in his arms .
Little did he know that within 15 years his worst enemy would regard Axel in a similar way . . .

"A very good report," Paul Räder said to Axel, standing in front of him at Prinz-Albrecht-Strasse Gestapo-H.Q. "Normally of course such minor matters never reach my desk... But then of course... that is not why you stand before me..." It was Wednesday morning now, the 6th of September 1944.

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